Thursday, December 15, 2011

15 months old

It's been so long since I've posted, and it seems like every day I think, "I have to write that down!" Daphne is learning so much so quickly and it's so darn cute, I hope I can remember everything!

Sleeping through the night is going AWESOME! We haven't had any problems, really. Cute alert: Daphne learned how to take off her clothes, so sometimes when we come in to get her, she is missing some or all of them. She also turns her light switch on and off repeatedly, which is annoying, but hopefully safe?
Thanksgiving 2011 at Grandma Joan's house. This picture pretty much sums up the debauchery allowed at Grandma's house.

She is extremely rowdy, climbs onto the dining room chairs and onto the table, falls off and doesn't even cry. Well, most of the time. She learned how to use the DVD player and does so REPEATEDLY. I think that with one year olds, repeatedly is like the key word.

She really wants to be like Mama. Well, like Mama and Daddy, really. She has started imitating us and the results are adorable, of course. She puts our shoes on (or clothes) and walks around. She uses her toy phone and makes very familiar hand gestures and tones of voice (ahem), and the other day, oh man, she even prayed like us. She was in her high chair and reached out for Jon's hand. I thought she just wanted his food, but she grabbed his hand and then reached for mine. She then bowed her head and started mumbling in a very serious voice. SO CUTE. We are always trying to get her to hold hands with us when we pray, but she has never done it. This time, she did it on her own!

(You can't really tell, but it was snowing for the first time this year.)

Live Nativity at UMCH

I can never take a picture with this child when we are both smiling and pretty.
At fifteen months old, Daphne knows her eyes, ears, nose, mouth, head, hair, hands, feet, fingers, and toes. She knows what you are saying to her if you say, "Hey, can you hand Mommy that block right there? Can you put your toys in that box?" She totally does it! It amazes me because last year at this time, this is what she looked like and she couldn't even reach for things yet!

Now she can say words like moo, duck, chicken, frog, bath, ball, and that. For real. It's craziness. Well, maybe not, but to me it is.

Sometimes she seems so big.

Then I realize she's still pretty tiny.

Such a big girl...