Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Writing again ... such a cute muse

In the midst of my endless and eternally boring tasks, I feel like writing.

Because it's so rare I feel like this lately, I put down the three things I was going to do and here I am. 

There is something so intimidating about writing here, for some reason. I feel like I have to capture EVERYTHING that Daphne has learned, that she has said, that she has done, because if I don't, I will forget, and that just seems unthinkable and obscene.

I think it's because of our technological culture, because we document everything whether on Facebook or on blogs or in texts. I feel so much pressure to have a record of everything, and instead of enjoying the process of capturing her essence here, I fret over it. Add to this fear the prevailing concern that every word I write make me look like I've got it all together, and then.I.just.don't.write.

I still don't have it all together, but writing is just sort of a part of me, and I'm really trying to get over what everyone else thinks anywayz.

That said. 

Daphne is 

ridiculously cute.

Of course, she's also 17 months old now and doing all kinds of new things.

She likes
helping Daddy fix the chair
and helping Mommy with the cooking. 
Just in case you were fixing to call DCFS, the oven wasn't on. Also, I fix stuff and Jon cooks (sometimes), we're not completely Cleaver over here.

She also likes to get all glammed up
 with Mommy's earrings
 a little eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss
and fancy clothes. 

I put makeup on her one day, just for fun, and I got so many dirty looks at the grocery store that I think I better wait until she's a more appropriate age, like 3 or something. 

She's climbing on everything, chairs, tables, the backs of the couch, even the baby gate. One day she did a swan dive off the ottoman and I thought she broke her neck. She' It makes me crazy, but I love her spirit.

She has expanded her vocabulary to include: elephant, woof woof, sad, doggy, frog, chair, book, hi, hot (which she says in a very serious voice like Mommy does), and probably some other words I'm forgetting.

She says, "Shh," and puts a finger to her mouth. Yesterday, she heard a dog outside and said, "Hi doggy! Woof woof!" That was the first time she has strung words together. Jon and I were freaking out with excitement.

Basically, she's still brilliant and adorable and becoming more so every day.

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