Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super happy joy weekend

It's been an awesome weekend. The sun showed its pretty face and no dastardly low temperatures or *shudder* ice have ruined my life lately. On Saturday, I took Daphne shopping (!), which I never get to do. Fun shopping, I mean. I always 'get' to go grocery shopping, but on Saturday, I bought new shoes and new sunglasses. Yay!
We took a family drive through the country when Jon woke up, and then we shared fajitas at Tequila's for dinner. I tried to feed Daphne a tiny piece of tortilla, but she had no interest. This is the week we are going to start feeding her food. She's been exclusively breastfed until now, and the information about first foods is overwhelming. I think we're going to start with green beans or carrots, but more on that when we actually feed her. I'm sure there will be adorable pictures to come.

Saturday night, we all went to bed pretty early, at 9 p.m. actually. But, we were all up again at 4 a.m. Jon and I entertained Daphne by spinning her in the computer chair.

Then on Sunday, I got baptized! I was baptized as an infant, but since Jesus wooed me into His kingdom several years ago, I have always known that I needed to make a choice to be baptized. So, I finally got over my nerves about being immersed and I did it. Jon made fun of me, but the thing that made me most nervous? Not wearing makeup.
Oh, well, not so bad I guess. I just wish my face wasn't so creepy red. Anyway. After I got baptized, we met my parents, my grandparents, and my uncle and his girlfriend at the local Chinese buffet. My grandpa just turned 80 and my grandparents just celebrated their 60th anniversary, so it was a celebration! Also, my mama got me an adorable elephant valentine. Yay for Valentine's Day!

The candy was actually from me to Jon, but the elephant looked lonely without them.

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