Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sicky Sickerton

Simultaneously, I have contracted the plague, Daphne is seriously pissed off at her teeth (no nice way to say that), and we are in the midst of an ice storm.

I am relying on my friends to pray for me, because I am seriously miserable. Dramatically so. Fortunately, I have amazing friends. Friends who take care of Daphne for me when Cheri is unavailable, friends who do things like this:
Our family is crazy blessed by our awesome friends.

Earlier this week, Daphne and I looked like this:
Ignore our overflowing trash. Ick.

I'm not going to even post what we look like now. Suffice to say, I ran out of tissue and was using Scott Toilet paper to blow my nose all day. Daphne cried every.single.time. I coughed. She was sooo sick of it.

I asked our awesome friends to pray for us, braved the ice storm and went to Walgreens to get some tissue and cough syrup. I actually do feel a teeny bit better, but I can't wait until this is OVAH.

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