Monday, June 6, 2011

Her Royal Cuteness

It's true what everyone says. Nine months for babies is like a portal to new and cuter behaviors. 

Say cheese while you eat cheese.

She grants huge smiles to all her loyal subjects, and the lucky ones even get smooches. At first, she was very frugal with the kisses, but now, she's quite generous.

Standing is now no big deal and walking is most certainly on the horizon.

Daphne gets into everything and is extremely curious about items that are accompanied by the word no. No, don't touch electric outlets? Why, they must be the most exciting things ever!

She is getting some incisors this month but she really hasn't fussed too much about them. Really, the only thing that's changed is that she wants to be held to sleep, but that's ok.

I took this because I didn't want to move unless I knew for sure she was asleep. I used the camera to check.

She is goofier and likes to roughhouse a lot. She giggles soo much when we play silly games like Ride in the Diaper Box and Barbie.

We get lots of pictures with eyes closed against the flash.

She has been babbling a lot lately. Sometimes it seems like she is trying to imitate us, when her tone goes up or down like she's having a conversation. Sometimes, she is just making sounds. 

She will hand me items when I ask for them. "Daphne, hand Mommy that mascara!" Well, sometimes. She knows her eyes, nose and her mouth, but she won't tell you all the time where they are. 

I wish I could remember everything she has done lately. She amazes me.

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