Saturday, July 2, 2011

10 month old doll baby

Ten months she's been on this earth. 

She has taken her first steps this month, though she is stubborn about who sees (only Jon) and when she walks (hardly ever). 

She has six teeth and I believe two others are popping through.

Mimicking Mommy and Daddy is a new past time. She is good at "B" words like 'ball' and 'button.'
Speaking of the word ball, she has learned to throw them! She is actually quite adept, and she erupts in giggles when she sees how excited I am by her successful throws.

Giggles are my favorite form of her communication. Piercing screams are my least fave. For some reason, these screams always happen at the grocery store. Passersby are then treated to seeing me whisper in her face, "Use your quiet voice, sweetie!" Inside, I'm freaking out but what can you do?

She eats lots of fruit and is particularly fond of peaches.

Even though our doll baby is still super social, she has been doing this adorable bashful head tilt when others address her. She kind of snuggles her head into my shoulder and smiles shyly at her new friend.

She is starting to be more interested in books, finally! Daddy and Mommy are both such readers that she really doesn't have a choice. :)

Lately, when I look at her, I feel so in love. It's like when you have a crush as a teenager and all you can think about is that person. I am infatuated with her and my heart is fragile with hope for her.

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