Friday, November 4, 2011

Daphne Duck

Even though Daphne didn't really understand that the best holiday ever was going on around her, I did my best to make sure she took part in some of the festivities. 

We started Halloween weekend by carving pumpkins. 

Oh, yeah. We actually started by creating this haircut. Pumpkins followed.

This is pretty much how she looked the entire time: Skeptical.

She finally got into it, but did not like the gooshy stuff on her fingers.
I WISH I had taken a picture of the finished products, and I have no idea how I forgot to do that, but suffice it to say they were the best pumpkins you've ever seen (particularly because you will never see them.)

Poor Jon had to work during Trick or Treat, so I got Daphne all dressed up and we hit the town. 

Well, really we went to her Grandma Lil's, Aunt Sue's, Honorary grandparents' Tony and Debbie's, another HGP Cheri's, and my other friend Sherry's. She was given candy, but I made a sacrifice for her nutrition and teeth and promptly ate it for her.

She didn't mind a bit.

We took her to the Kiddie Parade on Saturday, and that was fun. We saw her friend Ella in the parade and said hi, and Ella RAN over to us to hug Daphne. That was the highlight, I think. 

In other Daphne news, she is becoming more cute and intelligent every day.

Example? She says, "HEY DOE," for "Hello." Cutest. Ever.

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