Thursday, November 10, 2011

Praise Jesus! My baby is sleeping!

A miracle has happened in our family: Daphne is sleeping through the night, on her own, NO CRYING. I mean no crying even when you lay her down.

This was a typical day for us: 
Daphne goes to bed between 9 and 10:30. If I couldn't get her to sleep by nursing, she would have to come in my bed with me until I nursed her to sleep there.
Once she was asleep, I put her in her crib where she slept for about 3 to 5 hours. Then, I would have to go get her and let her lay with me. Sometimes, I would put her back in her crib after she fell back to sleep. Sometimes, she would sleep all night with me. 
As far as naps? I just let her fall asleep whenever.

Here is a typical day now: 
Daphne goes to bed at 7:30 without being nursed and doesn't cry! 
She wakes up 11 to 12 hours later!
She naps precisely 3.5 hours after she wakes up and 3 hours again after that nap.
(She is still adjusting to not crying when she lays down for naps, but she never cries longer than 5 minutes).

How did this miraculous change take place? The Sleepeasy Solution.

I was skeptical. Daphne is 14 months old. I have tried to let her cry it out in the past, but I was a wreck. It didn't work for us AT.ALL. The methods described in the book do include allowing the baby to cry, so I had SO MUCH ANXIETY about the process. After I read the book, I was somewhat encouraged to attempt it anyway. I mean, we were tired around here, yo.

So, the first night? Daphne cried for exactly 31 painful minutes when I laid her down without nursing. Then? She slept her typical 4 hours and woke up and cried for about 5 minutes. She woke up a couple hours later and cried for 5 minutes. I let her cry, and she stayed in her crib the entire time.

The next night? I laid Daphne down. She cried for two minutes and then SLEPT FOR 12 HOURS WITHOUT CRYING ONCE.

Tonight will be night five, and she has not cried since the second night. She is consistently sleeping well. 
It's amazing. 

Of course, I highly recommend this book, however, every parent and child is different, and what works for us may not work for everyone. Also? I don't think I could have done this method when she was younger than 12 months. But, I am SO GLAD I finally did it now!

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