Sunday, May 8, 2011


Well, I hope so anyway. I always want to change - my weight, specifically - but, I find it very challenging to give up yummy food and to also give up being lazy. Both of these things are kinda my favorite, but I really also love looking cute in clothes, so I may have to get some self-discipline going on and work at giving up my two favs here.

So, to motivate myself, I've found some pictures of skinny me and plastered them to my refrigerator. I'm going to also plaster them here, and hopefully continually motivate myself. They are kinda blurry, because they are pictures of pictures, but meh, I don't have a scanner and I don't think anyone past 2003 has one.

Here is the motivational collage.

I know I shouldn't be posting me drinking and smoking, but, hello, can you see my belly shirt? Yeah.

Well, hello waist! I miss you!

This shirt had no back, which means I had no back fat.

Not even that long ago!! Honeymoon 2007. I am 20 lbs. from this weight.

Yeah, I probably won't get this skinny again without the use of some illegal drugs.
So far, these really are motivating me. I keep thinking about food, which I always do, and then I think about the pictures. It's going to take forever to get healthy again, but I really want to change. So, here goes!

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