Monday, May 16, 2011


is rather elusive, me thinks.

I want there to be a set of instructions. Do A,B, and C, and then, voila, you're content for life.

As I am challenged to view my circumstances with God's eyes, I am confronted with one major flaw in my perspective: Comparison.

It's difficult for me not to get stuck on these things: someone's beautiful new home; someone's beach vacation; someone's awesome wardrobe. SO STUPID, but so true.

However, I notice myself getting much better, especially in the last two weeks. I have stopped wanting more of what I don't have and I have started noticing everything I already have.

1. Beautiful, healthy baby
2. Handsome and wise husband/pretty happy marriage
3. Who needs a number 3?

Each day, Jon and I have to talk about our fears about the financial future and our "plan." Each day we realize, hey, today, we're doing ok. We can't make a plan, per se, because we're really waiting on God to make things clearer. So, our plan is to keep praying, keep loving, and keep waiting.

God has lately impressed on me that I need to re-read the book of Acts, so that's what I've been doing. I think He wants me to see that the disciples had one focus: to spread the love of Jesus. They didn't worry about their circumstances and God, of course, took care of them.

So, that's where I am today. Very grateful for everything we do have and trying my best to love everyone I encounter.

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