Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Domestic Goddess

That's what my mom always wrote under Employment on any doctor or school form we had. She was a stay at home mom for years, and she told me that I won't regret one minute of staying home with Daphne.

So far, I haven't found my footing yet. I feel internal pressure to be perfect, because I don't contribute financially and because I don't have the same type of ministry that I did. I feel like my house has to be spotless, my kid has to be brilliant, my meals have to total 1,500 calories and cost $2 per day, I should be reading my Bible for hour intervals interrupted only to fast and pray for two hour intervals. My husband shouldn't have to lift a finger other than to pick up his fork to devour a deliciously prepared four-course meal, and the top of my refrigerator should be pristine.

Reality? My house is messier today than it ever was when I was working (my new boss and I had a tea party), and Daphne hasn't had a bath in a couple days and hasn't picked up any of the Spanish verb conjugations we've been working on (totally kidding there). I did okay on the meals, though, not that great, and instead of reading my Bible and praying? I watched TV while Daphne napped. My husband better help me with Daphne later, otherwise I will probably scream at him until his face melts.


So, hopefully, this gets easier. Maybe some moms aren't cut out to stay home? or maybe I just need some time to get a schedule. A schedule that Daphne will promptly grow out of once it is perfected.

Priorities: Do my best. Read my Bible. Be nice to Jon.

That's easy enough. Right? Right?!

We'll be fine as long as you ignore all that crap on her shirt.

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