Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eight months

Our little doll baby is now eight months old! 
I can't keep up with this little one! Since she really started crawling, she is on the go! Her curiosity is endless though it seems to be focused on everything that is off limits. For example, she knows she is not allowed to crawl into the bathroom, so her favorite place to crawl is the bathroom. She always bellows a giddy laugh when she's heading towards the bathroom, which is hilarious because she gives herself away every time. It's amazing how attractive things are when she can't have them.

She also loves shoes, especially laces.

Because of this naughtiness, she has a steady diet of dirt and hair from off the floor. The kitchen is the worst. I'm always ushering her out of there, and she is always finding tiny pieces of week-old cilantro leaves on the floor by the trash can.

Most likely eating hair.
This weekend is the first time she ever said "Mama." My mom actually heard her first, and I said, "No, she couldn't have said that, she doesn't say that yet." Then, later, she said it again and Jon and I heard her. We looked at each other astonished and laughing, and now she keeps saying it like it was always a part of her lexicon. She doesn't address me, really, but rather she uses this precious word when she is in need. When she is in her crib and desperately wants out? "Mamamamamama!"

Likely because we are always applauding her, Daphne also learned how to clap. It's just really sweet and precious. She gets so excited and over the top with her clapping, it's just too cute. We've tried to capture it on video with no luck, but I really hope I always remember how genuine her excitement was.

So curious...

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