Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rampage Minor

Our darling princess is really more like a UFC fighter/ninja, so she gets called by her new nickname quite frequently these days. In my life, I have never been around babies on a regular basis, and I admit, I thought they remained pretty small and stationary for a long time, but now I know I was wrong. Somehow, Jon and I have a baby who is not only precociously physically active but also dangerously clever when it comes to getting what she wants at all costs. 

At fourteen months old now, Daphne weighs 21 lbs and instead of that consisting of sugar and spice, she seems to be made of springs and wires. Lately she has been climbing onto everything and has figured out how to scale the ottoman that previously prevented her from wreaking havoc in the kitchen. She's especially fond of climbing onto the couch to reach the light switch that is so incredibly exciting to turn off. Also, she does this a lot.

She can't just sit in it leisurely, oh no, she has use it for acrobatics.

She uses it more than we do.

She is nearly immune to the scrapes and bruises that result from her many tumbles and hardly ever cries. Once, she climbed the couch arm after I repeatedly told her not to and when she fell, she defiantly looked at me! However, just the other day, she fell hard on the bridge of her nose. It was awful. Even then, she hardly cried, but her nose was so swollen and bruised. The WEIRDEST part of this experience was that later during the day, RICE came out of her nose. Yes, you read that correctly. She had apparently shoved some rice up her nose a couple days earlier and the fall dislodged it. Yeah. That about sums her up right there.

She was fine, though, and her nose is healing nicely. However, this incident came just after she recovered from Roseola. That was a scary few days when my baby looked like this.

Happy but rashy
So, finally, she has recovered from both. To celebrate, she had a couch party with her friends.

Some other fun Daphne updates:
She learned how to say "Uh oh!" and uses it appropriately. 
She blows on her food (like I do) even when it's not hot.
She gives kisses to Jon and me and her dolls constantly.
She dances like Justin Timberlake when she hears music ... and sometimes when there isn't any..
The other day, Jon was doing squats and she started doing them too.

As you can see, everything she does is brilliant, hilarious, and adorable.


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