Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Daphne turned one. You know, like a while ago.

But.... I do want to post some pictures here. It was a super fun day. My sweet friends Rebecca and Missy helped me make some insanely delicious snacks and helped set up early as well. 
(Credit where credit is due fo sho.)

Ridiculously cute birthday girl.
Awesome banner that I made. I get to brag on myself because I'm not generally crafty.

Pretzel fairy wands were a main feature of the spread.
I'm telling you. They were whimsical and delicious.
This delicious punch that Missy made included fun flower ice cubes.

I adore these edible fairies found on this etsy page. They made the party for me.
I wasn't going to give Daphne a "smash cake" because she had never before had any sweets. I thought a cupcake would do. However, we had enough batter left over and it turned out so cute.

She seemed to love the attention all day, but when everyone started singing to her? Oh, man. She was the cutest. She looked somewhat surprised, puzzled and seriously happy.

This is about as much smashing as she did. She totally wasn't into it.
Daphne had so many friends come celebrate her including special guest: Lily! My lovely niece.

Grandpa and Grandma Smith
Ogden, who my grandparents completely fell in love with.

Baby Eilee!




and more.

Also? Lots of presents. :)


It was a very special day and I think it was perfect.

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