Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Bliss Before Work

The early weeks, while I healed and before Jon and I had to go back to work, consisted of much relaxing, what I remember as constant breastfeeding, adorable tiny outfits and poop. In fact, the first adorable outfit I put that child in, she ruined ten minutes later with a poop blowout.

Right before the blowout

She was a ladylike pooper, though. Once, Jon and I were marveling at how incredibly beautiful she was, holding her and pointing out her pretty little fingers and toes. She looked at us with what I can only describe as a coy little smile and she coughed in a teeny little voice. Unfortunately, the teeny little cough did nothing to mask the loud rumbling coming from her rear end. Pooping had never been so hilarious before. 

  Adorable, right?

Because Daphne was born in August, the weather was beautiful, so we went on family walks every single day. She absolutely loved it. As soon as we walked outside, she would look up at the sky and seem to revel in the fresh air. She tilted her little face up and let the wind blow in her hair. About a block in, she would promptly fall asleep.

I know that I remember this time as blissful, because I reveled in spending time with her and Jon, but I also remember being very, very tired. Breastfeeding was complicated and draining, no pun intended, and getting used to our new structure was not exactly hard but it was really exhausting. 

Having a C-section turned out to be a blessing because I got two extra weeks off work, which I desperately needed. The night Jon went back to work was the worst, but we soon found our footing with the schedule. Daphne's sleeping wasn't the best; maybe she didn't like her bassinet? I don't know. She always woke after two or three hours, and I would take her to the rocking chair to attempt to nurse her back to sleep. Sometimes she just screamed and screamed. We were afraid she had colic, but knowing her now, at nearly five months old, I think she was just tired and she had too much stimulation in the rocking chair. I soon started bringing her in our bed and nursing her and she always slept peacefully after that. 

At this point in our Life After Daphne, Jon and I realized how obsessed with this kid we really were. We were in awe of everything - when she found her fingers, her first little noise (which sounded a lot like "Hi!"), a developing pigment in her eye color. I think one of our favorite "firsts" was giving her a bath.

Our lives had really (obviously) become centered on one beautiful little girl. 


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  1. i forgot how small she was. and her farts are the sweetest for real.