Friday, January 7, 2011

High Fever

Blogging is not something I've really considered doing, but in a fevered state last night, I realized I want to catalog my life since having a daughter. Someone recently asked me how Daphne's first Christmas went, and I told her how that weekend was the first that Daphne had ever reached for something and grabbed it, which made Christmas adorable. She helped open gifts and actually seemed interested in her pink giraffe and light up toys.  The woman said, "Oh, that's one for the baby book!"

Well, I don't have a baby book. Baby books give me anxiety. The thought that I might forget to scribble down something important makes me freeze. Nevermind that I'm not writing anything down which is surely worse. So, at midnight, temperature 102.5 last night, I decided this might be a reasonable outlet for me.

This is really about Daphne and making sure that I take joy in her milestones instead of being afraid of chronicling them.

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