Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"I get a little warm in my heart"


This winter has been long. Truth be told, I think every winter is long, and it makes me feel old, but I think I hate the winter worse and worse each year.

Despite this, perhaps, seasonal depression, many positive things have happened this winter. Daphne has changed so much since her August birth. While the trees sleep and the flowers wait to bloom, Daphne is thriving.

Snow first came down onto her precious dark hair on Thanksgiving this year.

Jon loves taking her out in the snow. In this picture, he had just ran downstairs to snap a quick picture of her enjoying the weather when the man you see in the foreground asked us for some money to buy breakfast with. It was unusual, and we felt really blessed that we had the means to help him. In years past, it would have been harder.

With snow came new fashion accessories as well.

Daphne's first Christmas was lively as it was the first time she met three of her cousins, my darling niece Lily and adorable nephews Parker and Julian.



Christmas weekend was also the first time Daphne had ever reached for something to grab. She kind of held her arms out before and appeared interested in objects, but the first thing she ever really grabbed was a gift from Jon's brother Dusty and his family, her pink giraffe.

Jon named it Pinky. I would have been more clever, but, it stuck.

She was so adorable opening gifts and meeting Santa. Her personality is just really starting to shine through.

As we start this new year
 I yearn for more days like this

but, I know that they will soon be here, and I need to enjoy every second of our journey.

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