Thursday, January 27, 2011

Five months!

Darling Daphne is five months old! Well, she's five months and ten days old tomorrow, but who counts days? Oh, yeah, some crazy moms. Anyway. We haven't been to the doctor lately, but I'm pretty sure she weighs about 16 lbs. Either that or she's been putting cans of soup in her car seat with her.

As a five month old nubbin, Daphne tries desperately to sit up while lying on her back and also by propping herself up from a pushup position. So far, these are unsuccessful attempts, but she seems pretty determined. In addition to baby crunches, Daphne has also mastered almostcrawling. Almostcrawling consists of her getting into the crawling position, clearly struggling to figure out what to do next, hearing Jon and me clapping and encouraging, and then rolling over onto her back. She is an expert at rolling now. In order to get from her pink giraffe to her plastic keys, for example, she now does a roll/stretch combo that is pretty adorable and effective.

Daphne absolutely adores her father. She has been saying DADADA and all other similar syllable combinations for weeks. At first, I though maybe it was just easy for her to say, but now she says it when she sees Jon and when he walks away. It's so precious.

Jon is also the one who elicits most of her ridiculously cute giggles. These are typically in response to Paddy Cake and Peek-a-Boo.

Both of her bottom teeth are almost all the way in, which is not as adorable as I thought it would be, since Daphne is exclusively breastfed. She had an itty bitty taste of avocado one night last week when Jon and I were feeling frisky, but we're going to wait until she's six months to start other foods.

She's, of course, very curious, loves other kids, and just seems really smart to me. :) The only thing I wish Daphne would master is sleeping through the night, but she continues to wake up at least twice. Some day I'll sleep again, right?

Oh, well, at least I get to snuggle with this
every night.

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