Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daphne is crawling!

Look at those teeth!
Daphne is getting to be such a big girl. Until recently, I never really minded that she was getting older, because, duh, everyone does. But, when I start to think that seven months is this month, it makes me a little sad. But, her cuteness just keeps getting cuter and her personality cracks me up.

Just the other day, she started crawling. Seriously. Now, Jon is taking the hard line and saying that she's not "quite" crawling, but he didn't see the moves I saw. She really is crawling, though, yes, she hasn't perfected it. She does this thing where she crawls forward then stops and tries to stand. I'm like, "Girl, seriously, perfect crawling and then stand!"

She's also been getting a little more interested in food. We tried oatmeal the other day, and she pretty much digs it. She actually started getting impatient for me to get the next spoonful in last night. She also loved yogurt, but it's the only really sweet thing she's had, so of course she does. She's our daughter, after all. Jon and I like to feed her when we're together to see what silly faces she makes, but sometimes our conflicting schedules prevent this. This was one of those times:
Clearly, I wasn't around for this.
Unfortunately, another new Daphne trick is screaming as communication. She has been screaming for attention, screaming because she's happy, screaming because she's bored - you get the idea. Hopefully, this is just a phase that she will grow out of in five minutes, like she did all the onesies she recently got. She seems to be becoming more of a mama's girl, as evidenced here:
I want to help with makeup, Mommy
but, she still just says, "Dada," and acts like he is the king of her universe. Which, of course, he is right now. Jon is an amazing dad. I love watching him dance with Daphne and sing to her. He is such a silly dad, but he takes her very seriously too. When I joke about future boyfriends, he gets a stern tone and says, "Let's not joke about that." He's being serious, too.

I'm thrilled that soon I will be able to stay home with my munchkin, because I did finally decide to put in my notice at work! I will write more about that later, but I just want to say that I'm so excited that I won't be missing any more time with this sweet lamb.

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  1. that sweater is the bomb. i want to borrow it for myself. how cute!