Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seven months

Dear Daphne,

As you turn seven months old, I must tell you, you are just becoming a beautiful little girl. Physically, you have always been striking - people have been telling your dad and me that since you came out of the womb in the operating room. But, your personality is really what makes you beautiful.

You almost always have a smile. Not just for me and dad, but for everyone you see. You're such a sweet girl. You have a boisterous laugh, and lately, you've been screaming to get people's attention. Once they look at you, you typically start laughing your crazy monkey laugh.

You have just perfected crawling, which made your dad say, "Look! She's crawling like a little baby!" I think he thought you would crawl more like a wolverine, since the screaming lately has made you appear more like that animal than an infant. Also, many times when you crawl, you try to stand up, but you are only a tiny baby, so you just end up doing the "downward dog" yoga position.

You love oatmeal and peas, and you are giving other foods a shot too. You don't really like bananas, but when we mix them with your oatmeal, you eat it and give us dirty looks.
This picture does you no justice. You're quite adorable and don't have demon eyes.
You will pay attention when I read a book, though, not for long. You are a very curious and energetic baby, but you're pretty laid back, too. You will hang out just about anywhere with just about anyone and be pretty cool as long as someone is there who occasionally gives you attention.

Today, two days after you turned seven months old, we took you to the park. Your little eyes were closed against the sun nearly the whole time. Your dad gave you a stick and you wielded it like it was your wand. Even when you fell over, you didn't put the stick down to right yourself. We laughed and you were stoic.

I cannot wait until I am able to stay home with you full-time. I know we are going to have so much fun learning together and playing together. You are so absolutely precious to me and your dad, Daphne. We.Love.You!

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  1. oh man. she is the cutest thing.
    and you are a very blessed lady to have such a sweet, beautiful daughter. her personality is unique and so fun!